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Patterns (All)
Fish Species
Located in Newsletter
DT Special Snook Instructions
Snake Fly All inshore fish Instructions
Ken Doty’s Snook Fly Snook Instructions
Gartside’s Gurgler

All inshore fish

Clouser’s Floating Minnow

All inshore fish

Clacker Clouser

All inshore fish

Half and Half

All inshore fish

Carl Hanson’s Glass Minnow Trout, Redfish Instructions
Clouser Deep Minnow All fresh & saltwater fish Instructions
Spiders and Beetles Bass, Bream Instructions
Bucktail Deceiver All inshore fish Instructions
Lefty’s Deceiver All inshore fish Instructions
Poly Whitebait Fly All inshore fish Instructions
Soft Hackle Deceiver All inshore fish Instructions
Salt Water Popper Trout, Redfish Instructions
Eyes On Flies General instruction Instructions
Prince Of Tides Snook, Redfish Instructions
Paul’s Bay Anchovy All inshore fish Instructions
Pat’s Simple Fly All inshore fish Instructions
Jiggy    All inshore fish Instructions
Pat’s Bead Butt Baitfish All inshore fish Instructions
Inshore Key’s Tarpon Fly All inshore fish Instructions
McVay’s Gotcha Bonefish, Redfish Instructions
Woolly Bugger All fresh water fish Instructions
Ada Potato Fly Snook, trout Instructions
Alan Sewell’s Snook Special All inshore fish Instructions
Ken Doty’s Snook Special Snook Instructions
Mighty Myakka Minnow Bass, Bluegill Instructions
Little Brown River Clouser Bass, Bream Instructions
Estaz Marabou All Instructions
Grass Shrimp Inshore Fish Instructions
Striped Anchovy All inshore fish Instructions
Most's Generic Blue Gill Fly Blue Gill Instructions
The Good Looking Shrimp All inshore fish Instructions
FLA Spoon Fly All inshore fish Instructions
Bob's Bangers Snook, Mackeral Instructions
Popovics Jiggy All inshore fish Instructions
Poly Hi-Tie Fresh & Saltwater Instructions
Springer's Crystal Shrimp Snook and trout Instructions
Borski's Butterfly Bonefish, Trout, Redfish Instructions
Pickett Pin Freshwater, panfish Instructions
Left's Bug Smallmouth Bass Instructions
Bendback All inshore fish Instructions
Clouser Minnow All inshore fish Instructions
Polarfibre Greenback Minnow Speckled Trout Instructions
Hare’s Ear Parachute Trout Instructions
Sid Neff Caddis Trout Instructions
The Schminnow Snook Instructions
White Spider Bluegills Instructions
Whatever Bendback Generic Fish Instructions
Predator Bream Instructions
Foam Grasshopper Bass, Bream Instructions
Kwan Fly Inshore species Instructions
Green Dragon Fresh and saltwater species Instructions
Jim's Beadhead Nymph Bass, Bream Instructions
Redfish Joe Redfish Instructions
Blue Damselfly Bass, Bream Instructions
Mihailoff Glass Minnow Saltwater species Instructions
Tarpon Toad Tarpon Instructions
Russ Hampton Gurgler Bass Instructions
The Tarpon Toad Tarpon Instructions
Hampton’s Gurgler Bass Instructions
MGM (My Glass Minnow) Saltwater species Instructions
Copper John Trout Instructions
Del’s Merkin Permit Instructions
No Name Fly Redfish, Snook, Bonefish, Trout Instructions
Don’s Fly Spotted Sea Trout Instructions
Dana Griffin’s LA Freeway Bream, Bass Instructions
Lowman's Lucky Fly Saltwater Species Instructions
Scud Fly   Instructions
Kumisky’s Furry Foam Crab Saltwater species Instructions
Tap’s Bass Bug Bass Instructions
Pat’s One-step Baitfish Bass Instructions
J.J. Hopper Bluegill Instructions
Gibby’s DT Variation Snook Instructions
Dayle’s Devil Salt and Freshwater species Instructions
Mostly Grizzly   Instructions
Muddler Minnow Trout Instructions
E.P. Tarpon Bunny Tarpon Instructions
Beachcomber Pompano Instructions
Summer Tides Inshore species Instructions
Jurassic-Eyed Bristle Bomber Redfish, Trout Instructions
Mangrove Snook Fly Snook Instructions
Skull and Bonz Redfish, Bonefish Instructions
The Zug Bug Trout Instructions
Jerk Minnow Inshore species Instructions
Andy’s Seaducer Variant Spotted Seatrout, Redfish Instructions
Shrimpf Fly Smitty’s Variation Inshore species Instructions
Baboon Crab Fly Redfish Instructions
Pine Cone Fly Redfish Instructions
St. John's River Sinker Bluegill, Bass Instructions
Ballyhoo Fly Trout, Mackerel Instructions
Sassy Sally Cichlid Bass, Bluegill Instructions
Slinky Shrimp Inshore species Instructions
The Predator Bluegill, Sunfish Instructions
Simple Shad Dart Shad Instructions
DNA Minnow Trout, Redfish, Grouper, sheepshead Instructions
Cockroach Fly Tarpon Instructions
Green/Gold Bendback Redfish, Snook, Trout Instructions
Deep Silhouette Snook, Baby Tarpon, Freshwater Bass Instructions
Grassett’s Snook Minnow False Albacore, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish,
Trout and Ladyfish
Grassett’s Flats Minnow Redfish, Snook, Trout Instructions
Al Pitcher’s Glass Minnow (AGM) Trout, Snook, Redfish, Spanish Macherel, Ladyfish Instructions
Scandinavia’s Magnus Fly Trout, Redfish Instructions
The Juletrae
(AKA Christmas Tree)
Sea-run Brown Trout Instructions
Sili Leg Shrimp Inshore species Instructions
Peter Koga’s Salt Water Shrimp Bonefish, Trout Instructions
Frank Rhodes Bonefish Crab Bonefish Instructions
Sandy Moret’s Cracked Crab Permit, Bonefish Instructions
The Adams Shrimp All Species Instructions
The Beetle Varies Instructions
Simple Baitfish Snook, Trout Instructions
Key Lime Bendback Varies Instructions
Hpu Weedless Fly Snook Instructions
Alan's White Lightning Tube Fly Anything Under Dock Lights Instructions
Smitty's Flig'n Jig Fly

Freshwater Bass

Saltwater Redfish +